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Our media is full of discussion around changes to the age pension assets test that will come into effect from 1 January 2017. However, some of the strategies being promoted, with the aim of enabling affected Australians to keep their pensions intact, are scary to say the least.

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For a person in receipt of a part rate Age Pension – as a result of their assets and their income being above the applicable thresholds – understanding the pension they are being paid and working out whether it is correct can sometimes be a hit and miss process.

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Life in your 50s is great. You don’t have a huge mortgage, the kids have grown up and are not as dependant on you, your career has progressed… So what’s next financially?  You can see retirement on the horizon. Sure it might be 10-20 years off, but it is becoming more tangible. So if you haven’t already, you need to start some serious planning.

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With 40 years’ experience working in financial services, Mark Teale of Centrepoint Alliance,  have learnt a thing or two about retirement in his time. He shares the 10 commandments that he will use to guide his life into retirement. Are they same as yours?

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We all have ideas about how our dream retirement would look. Many of us would like to travel, pursue hobbies, treat our grandchildren and live a comfortable lifestyle. But how big does our nest egg need to be to afford all of this?

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