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So you’ve found a new financial adviserIt’s the morning of the first meeting with your new financial adviser. How do you want it to go? Your adviser may ask you to do some things before the meeting, such as collect information. It’s really important you follow through on these requests. It also makes sense to take the time to get yourself ready. After all, it is all about you! Here are five things you can do.

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In your 70s, you’re living the high life. No kids, no work, lots of money! How could things get any better? This is a time where life is pretty good, but why shouldn’t it be? You’ve been busy all your life. Kids, property, mortgage, school – you’ve worked hard, why not enjoy it? Put your feet up, relax. This is your time!

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So you’ve hit 60: who’s excited? Retirement is just moments away – although receding steadily for later retirees as the federal government pushes the pension age envelope. Medical concerns arise at this age, senior cards offer discounts on many things, but cheaper medications and health care usually come only from the federal government. There’s lots to think about and you need to have a good plan.

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Life’s comfortable with the mortgage paid off, or close to it, kids on the way out or even gone and retirement to look forward to. While this can be a great time of your life – “me time” – there are often challenges to be faced in this decade. Statistics show that if you’re going to have an illness or injury that stops you working, it’s probably going to happen now. But there are preventive measures, strategies, and options that can help avoid or even eliminate life’s speed humps.

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They say life begins at 40, perhaps because many feel like they have made it – kids, house, nice car, nice career: it all seems to be coming along nicely. It’s almost like you got life figured out. Some consider changing career to something more fulfilling, as it seems that this is the last chance. Any later and you’re too old and may find it difficult to find anything at all, let alone the job you’ve always wanted.

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