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Many people begrudge paying for insurance, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing you, your family and your home are protected against unforeseen events is priceless! We explain the types of insurance you should think about when buying a home.

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Direct life insurance vs advised, which is better? AFA president Marc Bineham says direct insurance is no match with advised.

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When purchasing life and disability insurance three different types of policies there are available for you to consider; group, retail, and direct. Each of these has both their advantages and disadvantages – which to the untrained eye – may not be immediately apparent.

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Did you know that we also offer cost-effective insurance options in addition to finance? We consider it part of our responsibility to you to do whatever we can to ensure you and your family never suffer any financial hardship, or experience any difficulty in meeting your financial obligations. We genuinely care about the welfare of you and your family and are here to support you with insurance options that will meet your specific needs and keep you covered in any eventuality.

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Many Australians may not have adequate income or mortgage protection insurance cover in place to service their home loan repayments and living expenses in the event they lose their job, or suffer a serious illness or injury that would make them unable to work. *In fact, while most of us have car insurance, it’s been estimated that only 6% of us have our own income adequately covered!