Talking about your money needn’t be a baffling experience. But you may have to get used to a few terms and phrases. Here’s a simple A to Z to get you going.

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Most of us spend more than we need to on everything from credit cards to power bills and petrol. Nicole Pedersen – Mckinnon has some simple tips that can save you over $5, 000 right away.

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Just like a doctor would perform a health check by looking at some vital signs, you can perform your own wealth check using a few key measures. Take the test to find out the true state of your financial health. You may be pleasantly surprised – and if not, just two simple fixes can change that.

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In your 70s, you’re living the high life. No kids, no work, lots of money! How could things get any better? This is a time where life is pretty good, but why shouldn’t it be? You’ve been busy all your life. Kids, property, mortgage, school – you’ve worked hard, why not enjoy it? Put your feet up, relax. This is your time!

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So you’ve hit 60: who’s excited? Retirement is just moments away – although receding steadily for later retirees as the federal government pushes the pension age envelope. Medical concerns arise at this age, senior cards offer discounts on many things, but cheaper medications and health care usually come only from the federal government. There’s lots to think about and you need to have a good plan.

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