A pre-approval is not an absolute guarantee that the lender issuing the pre- approval will approve your finance application.

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Any pre-approval is still subject to conditions such as mortgage insurance approval, valuation and the lender being satisfied that the property being offered as security is considered “suitable security”. A pre-approval gives you the comfort of knowing that a lender has made an assessment on how much you can borrow based on the information you have provided to them and have satisfied basic lending criteria.

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You should see any pre-approval as a “comfort letter” from the lender. If you are looking for more certainty from an approval you will need to have selected the property you intend to purchase. This is most often the case where you intend to purchase at an auction. In this case you will apply for an “unconditional/formal approval” from the lender prior to making an offer or bidding at an auction. With a formal approval you will have satisfied a lender that you have met all their lending criteria including valuation and they are satisfied with the property being offered as security. You should still check to make sure there are no other lender conditions that apply.

Any offer to purchase a property that is based on a pre-approval should always still be subject to finance. The last thing any buyer who has signed an unconditional offer to purchase wants is to find out at the last minute that their application for finance is rejected on a “technicality”.

Pre-approvals are often used as sales tools – very simply, if you have a pre-approval from Lender A and you find a property to purchase, there is a greater chance of you applying for a formal approval with that lender when you finally settle on a property. It is a very effective way for lenders and brokers to take their clients off the market. Don’t fall into the trap of not looking at all your options when the time comes to buy a property – there may be better more suitable products available when you finally go to contract.

The main benefit of a pre-approval is the “peace of mind” it provides, and along with that comes comfort when negotiating with a seller or agent. Negotiating from a position of strength and knowing where you stand can sometimes help you negotiate a better price with a seller.

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