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Rent Assistance (RA) is an additional payment made to individuals who are paying rent and who are also in receipt of a Social Security income support payment, or the Family Tax Benefit (Part A) above the base level.

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Saving up the cash for a deposit on a second property can be just as difficult as saving for your first home. So how do property investors manage to get their hands on enough money to build a decent portfolio?

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Investing in property is a big decision that can keep even the most seasoned property investor awake at night. How do you know if you’ve got your investment strategy right? How can you make sure you’re choosing the right property? Where can you find the time to do the necessary research? What is the right price to pay?

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When you’re looking to buy a property, a genuine bargain is the ultimate Holy Grail. We all want to buy at less than market value – and this is exactly the reason why it hardly ever happens. Buying off the plan has the possibility of being the one exception, particularly in a rising property market. In this article we give you five tips on how to get it right.

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Real Estate Investar’s free eBook on Negotiating The Purchase Of An Investment Property is an essential read for every home buyer and property investor. It provides valuable information, tips and advice on how to successfully negotiate a better price when buying property, whether it’s your next home or another investment property for your portfolio?

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