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When it’s done right, investing in property can help you to build wealth for your future. In Australia, property is currently a very popular investment and many people are enthusiastically jumping into the market to make the most of the low interest rates currently available. But it takes careful planning for your property investment to be a success. Here are ten key factors to consider before investing in property.

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Continuing to invest in and develop the property so that it remains modern and well-maintained will help to grow its value consistently over time. There are, of course, plenty of different ways to enhance its value, but at the minimum, there are a handful of key strategies that are proven to be effective.

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Saving up your deposit is the first step in buying a home and when your bank account balance starts to look good it’s easy to get excited. But it pays to be realistic. Exactly how much money is enough? In this article we take a look at some of the upfront costs involved with buying a home to help you set a proper savings goal before you make your move.

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Are you thinking about investing in property this year? One of the reasons why investing in property helps you to build wealth is that it offers you various tax deductions. But many first time investors are unaware of all the tax deductions that may be available. One of the tax deductions you can claim on your investment property that is frequently overlooked, particularly by first time investors, is depreciation. What is a depreciation table and why do I need one?

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Now that the hot weather is well and truly here, wouldn’t it be marvellous to have your own swimming pool in the back yard? Not only are they a great way to keep cool in summer, they make great entertainment for the kids and can be a stylish addition to your home. However, as a home owner, there’s more to consider than just keeping cool and having fun. Here are some questions to think about before taking the ‘plunge’.

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