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Real Estate Investar’s free eBook on Negotiating The Purchase Of An Investment Property is an essential read for every home buyer and property investor. It provides valuable information, tips and advice on how to successfully negotiate a better price when buying property, whether it’s your next home or another investment property for your portfolio?

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With residential property prices escalating at an unprecedented rate, more and more investors are investigating the merits of commercial property to help them grow their wealth. But what are the major differences between commercial and residential property investments? What do investors need to look out for?

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Rentvesting. It’s a whole new word in today’s popular culture, but it also represents a revolution in home buying strategy, particularly for first home buyers and those struggling to move up the property ladder. But what is it? And what are the benefits?

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Did you know that termites damage more than 180,000 homes and buildings around Australia every year? Clearly, if you’re thinking about buying a property, the value of an independent building and pest inspection report can’t be understated!

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Property investment is usually considered a long-term investment strategy, however many investors today are much more ambitious and look for ways to maximise their returns in the shorter-term. If you’ve been thinking about renovating for profit, here’s 5 tips on how to minimise those risks and maximise your gains.

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