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Couple receiving a home key

There’s nothing quite like finally getting a foothold on the property ladder and moving into your very own pad, but it does require planning and research. With our help, you’ll soon be doing a victory dance and posting that exciting Facebook post of you in front of a shiny ‘SOLD’ sign. Here are our quick tips for buying your first home.

Commercial Building

Why invest in commercial property? We explore the reasons why people venture into commercial property investing, and some of the areas to be aware of. And if you do decide to go down the commercial route, we can hook you up with an investment loan that suits your situation and objectives! 

Apartment Terrace

Apartments offer attractive rental yields and an entry point into the market in locations that might otherwise be unaffordable for investors. Here are some tips for choosing the right investment apartment, and when you do, we would love to help you find the right loan!

Couple sitting on the floor and looking up

Ever asked your mortgage and finance broker about this mystery thing they call the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)? The good news we have for you is that the First Home Owner Grant has recently increased in many states of Australia!

Apartment Living Room

Here are some pointers to help improve your chances of selling above market value, whilst not overpricing your property. And remember, when you do decide to move on and buy your next property, we can help you find the right home loan to meet your current and future financial needs.

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