Australian Suburbs

The property market is in full swing in most states around the country. Auction activity reached record levels during February in our eastern states, but elsewhere market conditions varied. We are now seeing a two-speed property market across the country, which could create some great opportunities for savvy buyers and property investors over the coming months.

Aerial View of a suburb

With interest rates at all-time lows, many first home buyers and property investors are on the hunt for the right property to buy at the right price. But with home values rising rapidly, locating the opportunity you need can be a challenge – and that’s where up-to-the-minute property market intelligence can make all the difference! Download 7 FREE Suburb Performance Reports for First Home Buyers and Property Investors worth $693!

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This month, the Reserve Bank of Australia met for its first meeting for the year and elected to keep the official cash rate on hold at 1.5 per cent. Meanwhile, lenders have adopted the policy of adjusting their interest rates outside of RBA movements in order to factor in local conditions and their actual costs.

Residential Area

Are you ready for another fantastic year in our property markets?  Now is a great time to see us to talk about your plans and get ready for the year if you may be in the market to make a property purchase, or to get your annual home-loan-health check if you are a home owner, so please give us a call soon.

aerial view of a suburb

Thorough research will be the key to success when purchasing any property this year. Download the latest Suburb Price Movement Insight Reports valued at $891 for free!

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