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The busy Autumn selling season is in full swing, with many property bargains available as the housing market correction continues across the country. With the Federal Election looming this weekend, we can expect to see property market activity to slow a little too.

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Autumn is usually the busiest time of year for property auctions around the country. But this year, many more sellers seem to be preferring private sales to auctions. While the number of auctions may be down, there are still many great homes up for sale and you may have more power to negotiate the price!

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Autumn has arrived and if you’re in the market to buy a home at a bargain price, there are plenty of properties up for sale. Talk to our team of mortgage brokers today to help you start on your property journey. Check out what’s happening to our property market this month.

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While February is certainly a busy time of year in most households around the country, it isn’t always the same story in our property markets. The quiet season has resulted in falling home values and low auction clearance rates in almost every capital city around the country. Here’s what’s happening to our property market this month.

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As many people are still on their summer holidays, there’s not much happening in our property markets this month. Few auctions have been listed around the country and most property movements are occurring through private sales. Here’s what’s happening to our property market this month.

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It was great to see many of our first-home buyer customers finally getting their foot on the property ladder, as homes became a bit more affordable. There were plenty of bargains for property investors, despite the tightening in credit conditions, and those still in the market to buy a home in December will be ending the year on a high note. Property prices and auction clearance rates continue to weaken, creating a buyer’s market with plenty of property still up for sale.