S. Wadhwa

With over eight and a half years’ experience providing Advice, Sumeet understands that no one is an expert at everything and that is why he always meets with you face-to-face to help you understand the fine print and the sometimes confusing jargon of insurance policies to help you make an informed decision. Committed to providing quality ongoing service, Sumeet invites you to contact him for Advice on Life Insurance, TPD, Trauma (Critical Illness), Income Protection and Business Insurance.

Let Sumeet help and support you through the entire journey, including reviews of your cover as well as milestone events in your family’s life and claims support.

 EMAIL:                                             info@3pointfinancialservices.com.au
 MOBILE:  0423 259 470
 WEBSITE:  www.3pointfinancialservices.com.au
 ADDRESS:  PO Box 3051, Strathmore, VIC 3041
 QUALIFICATIONS:  Diploma in Financial Planning
 Master’s degree in Professional Accounting, (Accounting and Finance) – Monash University.
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