Red per cent signs among dollar signs

As APRA tightens the rules on property investment lending, the Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to keep the official cash rate on hold at 2.0 per cent during its August meeting today. The news was widely expected by analysts as the RBA waits for business and consumer confidence to improve following its rate cuts in February and May this year.

budget 2015 - 2016

As Winston Churchill said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” So this financial year, take a fresh approach to your finances. This update presents key observations arising from the 2015 Budget. The devil will be in the detail and each measure is subject to being passed into legislation.

budget 2015 - 2016

With the changes made in the current budget, here are some questions which have risen from those who were affected. To help you navigate with the changes since 1 January 2015, speak to us today.

2015-16 Budget

This Update presents key observations. The “devil is in the detail” and a closer examination of the relevant legislative changes will reveal more information in the fullness of time. Take a look at this year’s budget in this infographic.

budget 2015 - 2016

With the budget announced, there are various financial changes which will be implemented including changes in term deposits. To help you navigate the changes since 1 January 2015, speak to us today.