The AMAFA Toolkit

At AMAFA, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals, regardless of your chosen model. We thrive on adapting to the ever-changing industry landscape, embracing positive change to ensure your success.

Our experienced managers and skilled support team are committed to your needs. We offer ongoing training, user-friendly marketing tools, and advanced technology, empowering you to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Our in-house developers exclusively focus on AMAFA software projects, tailored to adviser needs. We’re agile, ready to respond swiftly to industry changes, and dedicated to delivering value-driven service to our advisers.”

Our bespoke software platform

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the “mainstay” is “the most important part of something, providing support for everything else.” This is exactly what AMAFA mainstay is to us.

Mainstay is the go-to platform for all AMAFA advisers. It is a repository of all information a professional adviser needs to run their practice. It incorporates a SOA builder that includes a comprehensive asset allocation tool.

DiscoveryDocs is AMAFA’s online fact-finding and client engagement platform. With DiscoveryDocs you can send your clients a secure web form for completion, and track their progress.

Information gathered can be transferred to the CRM and SOA builder with single data entry. Forms can be tailored to your requirements.

This is our marketing hub, allowing you to reach out to your clients with newsletter and marketing emails. It includes SMS, MMS, and email marketing capability.

AMAFAConnect contains library of templates, articles and multi-media content. Send out bulk or individual messages which can be pre-programmed – great for birthdays or anniversaries

RevenuePlus is AMAFA’s proprietary web-based Revenue and Commission payment system. Track you commissions and revenue online.

It records all commission statements for future reference. Search and build reports to understand the detail of your business

Our partnered software platforms

Mercury is an award-winning business platform and CRM owned and supported by Connective, our aggregator partner for mortgage broking.

Mercury provides you with complete control over every aspect of managing your client relationships, tasks and workflows.

AMAFA has partnered with Iress to provide a fully integrated, AMAFA-hosted Xplan site which is supported by our internal tech team.

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