Revenue Plus

Revenue Plus AMAFA’s proprietary web-based Revenue and Commission payment system – track your commissions and revenue. Records all commission statements for future reference. Search and build reports to understand your business. More Portal


DiscoveryDocs AMAFA’s online fact finding platform. Send your clients a secure web form and track progress. Information is transferred to the CRM and SOA builder for single data entry. All form/questionnaire options can be considered. Request a demo More Portal


Mainstay Mainstay: “the most important part of something, providing support for everything else.” Mainstay is the go-to platform for all AMAFA advisers. It is a repository of all information a professional adviser needs to run their practice as well as being an SOA builder that includes a comprehensive asset allocation tool. Request a demo More […]


Welcome to AMAFAConnect A Digital Marketing Hub for AMAFA advisers. Manage your Contacts Create and Edit your Own Templates, or Use from our AMAFAConnect Library Send out your Campaign via Email, SMS or MMS Track your Campaign Engagement with Detailed Analytics All at No Additional Cost to AMAFA Advisers With AMAFAConnect… You’ll have access […]